100% Tax Relief for Software Design Companies


Nourlaw- 30 December 2017- Tehran – As reported by Mehr News Agency, according to a news statement by Mr. Farzad Ismailzadeh, an information technology authority at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, by virtue of circular letter No. 134/96/23til 0 dated 09/10/1396 (30 December 2017) of the Tax Affairs Organization, a 100% tax exemption has been foreseen for the sale revenues of Iranian software design companies. The condition for qualifying for this five-year relief period, is that the company must have been registered as  a non-governmental juridical person for which an operation license had been issued after 01/01/1395 (20 March 2016). For those software design companies whose operating license was issued before that date, the expected tax relief will be 80% and for a period of four years.

Import Allocations of Garments Set for Free and Special Economic Zones


Nourlaw- 19 December 2017- Tehran- According to Mehr News Agency, the allocation of garment imports have been set for the Iranian free zones and special economic zones.  By signing a memorandum of understanding between the Iran Customs Administration and the Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones, the details of garment import allocations until the end of the current Iranian year (20 March 2018) are as follows:

  1. Garment allocation of the Anzali Free Zone, USD 9m and the value of Turkish imports clothing is pegged at USD 800,000,
  2. Garment allocation of the Aras Free Zone, USD 8m and the value of Turkish imports, USD 5m.
  3. Garment allocation Maku Free Zone, USD. 8m and the value of Turkish imports USD 8m.
  4. Garment allocation of the Arvand Free Zone, USD 2m and the value of Turkish imports USD 500,000.
  5. Garment allocation of the Kish Free Zone, USD 20m.
  6. Garment allocation for the Qeshm Free Zone USD 29m.
  7. Garments allocation of Chabahar Free Zone, USD 2m.