Legal Guide To Iranian Market Booklets By J.Nouraei




Official Name

The Islamic  Republic of Iran

(Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran). Conventional Short Form: Iran



The official flag of Iran consists of green (top),

white (middle), Red(down), with the Islamic Republic insignia.



Once a great empire, Iran has been traditionally known to the world as Persia. Archeological findings have placed knowledge of Iranian prehistory to mid-Paleolithic times (10,000 years ago). The then Persia was a major transit and commerce route on the famous trade Silk Road.

Despite millennia of historical upheavals and foreign invaders, Iran has maintained its national and cultural identity as one of the seats of global civilization.   In 1979, the monarchial regime was toppled in a revolutionary movement unprecedented in Iranian history and the nation voted for an Islamic republic system of government at a referendum.





Capital City




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